Welcome to the new website!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Candy Royalle website. This has been coming for about 5 years now and thanks to the gals at Redhanded Studio it’s finally happened! There’s obviously loads of info, photo’s and videos here for you all to peruse so this blog will simply be an update on what’s going on in my world, musings, rants and maybe even some poetry! Fancy that – some poetry from a poet!

The thing I’m most excited about at the moment is my upcoming Secret Gig: ‘Stories by Starlight’ on the 3rd of December. The costumes are being designed, my co-conspirators and I have been rehearsing, there’s musicians and singers and of course me! If you don’t yet have a ticket, you’ll need to follow the steps listed on the facebook event page which you can access here: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=246941895344721 (for those of you who don’t use facebook, hit me up at candy@candyroyalle.com and I’ll send you details).

The ‘Stories by Starlight’ east coast (and maybe national!) tour will begin in Melbourne at the Midsumma festival where the show is a premier event! We will also be at Carnival – so exciting! For those of you not in Melbourne or Sydney, keep your eyes and ears peeled for dates because we will be bringing the show to a city near you soon!

Another exciting development has been the creation of the ‘Stories by Starlight’ video (which you can see here:). This was a collaborative effort spanning Australia, Sweden and the UK all done thanks to the brilliance of my collaborators over the interweb. This is one of my favorite poems as it conjures memories of performing under an open night sky filled with stars, to a group of beautiful hippies somewhere in the north of Queensland at a doof (for those not familiar with this Australian term, a ‘doof’ is an outdoor bush rave). I’d love to know your thoughts on this piece (or any others actually!) so feel free to drop me a line here or on facebook.

Remember, add me on twitter (link) and facebook (link) and check back here regularly for gig updates, media, poetry news and other exciting stuff!

Peace, Love and Respect to all,
Candy Royalle
October 2011

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