Candy Royalle creates and facilitates workshops for teenagers and adults that enables individuals to tell their stories the way they want. From poetry to hip hop, monologues to story telling, participants are encouraged to explore their own voice and to share their stories.

The workshops can involve writing techniques, personal editing and performance tools amongst a whole range of others that will ensure the participants leave feeling comfortable to perform their work to an audience. Workshops can be designed to achieve specific expected outcomes which can be discussed prior to the workshop delivery. Workshops can run anywhere from 60 minutes to longer term workshops that run over a number of weeks.

Some feedback from participants at the 2013 UWS Young Writers Day: “That workshop [with Candy Royalle] was the best thing I have ever been to!” / “Amazing! Loved Candy’s work and the interaction. Only complaint is that I wished it was longer” / “She was exceptional, she brought an excitement to the class and is a brilliant performer. I loved the workshop!”

Some feedback from participants doing workshops in conjunction with The Red Room Company: ”This poetry workshop was worthwhile and a great experience. It makes you become confident in your own writing and I am now interested in poetry. Thank you for coming out and doing this workshop with us.” / “I enjoyed the performance by Candy and learned new techniques and how to speak with more confidence in front of an audience.”

For more information please contact Candy by emailing her:

This video is a snap shot of a workshop done in collaboration with West Words and Word Travels. It was shot onsite at Rooty Hill High School.

Footage courtesy of Cumberland Studios